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Euro Samoyed Show 2018 in Slovakia

First stop on the road. Ate dinner at a restorant in the old town of Kaunas 🙃

750+ kilometers and 10+ hours of Poland, Poland and more Poland…enjoying our well deserved rest before Slovakia.

After 3 days of driving, doggy-friendly driving style with doggy-friendly stops, finally arrived at Euro Samoyed Show 2018 location at a historic Slovak castle, with 28-30 degrees Celsius outside.

Great news! Bianca did really well on the first day of the dog show. She achieved 4th place in junior class, among 18 dogs!!! Sabiine was very beautiful, and stole and ate all her neighboring dog treats…very Sabiine like…however, even these diversions didn’t helped her today…hope for better luck tommorrow.

On the second day, Sabiine was selected among the 5 best samoyed females of her class of 18 dogs. Sabiine was at her best behavior and judge like us. However, we felt we could achieve more. So, fighting against the heat, that was all around us, we headed towards Prague and its international dog show. The Celcius degrees decreased, and our expectations increased.

At Prague, we were not to disappoint! Sabiine achieved Best Female 2, Res-Cacib sertificate and Chezh CAC sertificate, which makes her new proud Chezh Champion. Bianca was placed 2nd in Junior Class.

After the show we relaxed in lovely gardner of our accommodation in Prague. Tommorrow we start our way back home.

Amazingly the girls loved the trip (all 3900 kilometers) so much that even after returning home they kept asking me to put them back in the car and start driving again 🤗😀🐾

Lets see about the future trips in future. For now we are very pleased with the results of this trip.

Untill next time…we run and play 😍 🤗☀️

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