Welcome to the Flying Snowflake Kennel. Are you interested in a Samoyed, searching for a reputable breeder, or dreaming about welcoming a puppy into your home? I would be delighted to assist you with any inquiries. Sammies have been my furry friends and cherished family members since 2016, and I have dedicated myself to them wholeheartedly. From my profound passion and dedication to the breed, my very own kennel emerged in 2019, marking the beginning of my breeding activities. I am thrilled to share my experience with you and help you find your own Sammy friend.

Get to know our Samoyed kennel

The goal of Flying Snowflake kennel is sustainable breeding and preservation of the breed as we know it today. My breeding is based on carefully selected combinations that support the breed’s health, genetic diversity, suitable temperament, and appearance while adhering to the principles of responsible breeding. Each dog in my kennel is cherished, receiving ample love and care, and every puppy owner is welcomed as part of our extended family. Come and join our community! Explore more about the kennel, meet my dogs, and discover future puppy plans by clicking the tabs below.

samojeedi kutsikad

The Samoyed

The Samoyed is a highly social and friendly breed, also known for the famous Sammy Smile. This eye-catcher has an impressive and dazzling appearance, a thick double-layered coat, an active personality, and usually a long list of admirers. People just can’t resist petting him wherever he shows up. Although initially bred as a universal working dog (for sledding and hunting), nowadays he’s mostly a companion and friend. Read more to get to know the personality, appearance, health, and peculiar tendencies of the breed.


The blog posts of Kennel Flying Snowflake share information about both our kennel and our dogs, while also providing various useful tips and necessary information. Read the blog articles if you are interested in the breed, if you are looking for a new four-legged family member, or if you want to stay updated on our kennel’s activities. Explore further and get acquainted with the blog articles.


A home without a Samoyed is just a house. I love this highly social, friendly, independent, smart and sometimes strong-willed breed to pieces. And I am most happy to share this love with you by  helping you to start your own fluffy love story. Be sure to contact me if you are interested in my dogs, the breed in general, or if you are looking for a puppy. From our hearts to your hearts. Contact the Flying Snowflake kennel to fill your hearts with joy!

Kennel Flying Snowflake is a member of Estonian Samoyed Association.

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