For potential dog owners

My goal as breeder is to maintain the historical Samoyed breed as we know it, in appearance and in character, and preserve in my dogs the purpose the breed was initially developed for. As arctic sledge dog, the Samoyed is above all a working dog. This multi-purpose dog had a mild temperament and was used in hunting and in sledging. The Samoyed dogs lived close to their owners, they even slept within the shelters and were used as heaters.

Home and family

It is important, for me as a breeder, that my dogs will have with their loving families a physically active and mentally stimulating life. Samoyed is no couch potato! And it would be excellent to have more of those Samoyeds in sledding sports. As Samoyed dogs used to live very close to their owners, I pay a lot of attention to living conditions and care the puppy is offered in its future home. Whether you live in a (fenced!) house or an apartment, it is important for me that your daily routine has time for the planned dog and that house-people do not plan to keep their Samoyed only outside. Samoyed wants to part of the family and live close to their family. Specially puppy needs the closeness and time spent together to build the necessary contact for the future.

Training and grooming

Samoyeds are strong-willed and independent minded. The sled must move on! And that´s why I love them! Also, for that reason, it is essential to dedicate time and effort to their training during the first year and a half of their lives. And done so, you will have a perfect companion to take with you whether be it to your restaurant meal or to your family car trip around Europe. For me it is also important that a dog so beautiful also looks beautiful and feels clean when touched. Samoyeds look as beautiful as they do, only when they are regularly groomed and washed. Uncombed Samoyed hurts my eye and I do not fancy petting a Samoyed if I need to wash my hands after that because they feel dirty. And beautiful dogs also participate in dog shows

Staying in contact and dog shows

For me, the dog show is the personal contribution of every one of us to the development and sustainability of the Samoyed breed. The dog show, above all, is the basis of breeding and the source of genetic diversity. When you participate in dogs shows, you contribute to the Samoyed of the future – your breed! Specially the owners of the males. Finally, I value the contact with my dog owners and the feedback on how the puppy, and later the dog, is doing – what are joys and concerns. It gives vital information for me as a breeder.

To summarize

In a potential owner I am looking for a selection of the following:

– Willingness to offer adequate living conditions and warmth of the family.

– Willingness to dedicate time and money to dog training.

– Willingness to contribute to dog sports, be it canicross, kick biking, skiing with your dog or sledding.

– Willingness to participate in dog shows.

– Willingness to stay in touch.

– Willingness to contribute to health research of Estonian Samoyed Association breeding program and willingness to take the necessary health tests.

Somojeedi kutsikas jooksmas
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