samojeedi koer

The grooming of the Samoyed

Your Samoyed’s beautiful white coat requires regular maintenance to prevent skin problems and hair damage, and to keep it consistently attractive and beautiful. The length, thickness and structure of the coat may vary. Some coats require more frequent maintenance, while others need less grooming. The longer and thicker the fur, the more frequent the grooming […]

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samojeedide erinäitus

Euro Samoyed Show 2018

Prepairing for our trip to Slovakia to 2018 Euro Samoyed Show. Every pretty girl must look their absolute best. Grooming table. Check. Cage. Check. Grooming supplies. Check. Treats. Check. Human stuff…check…hopefully… Dogs. Check. So lets go! First stop on the road. Ate dinner today at a restaurant in the old town of Kaunas. 750+ kilometers and 10+

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