About Us

Kennel Flying Snowflake is a new small kennel in North of Estonia, in Keila, born from dedication and love for the Samoyed in the year 2019. That makes us the newest Samoyed kennel in Estonia.

“Snowflake” in “Flying Snowflake” comes from Samoyeds looking much like beautiful snowflakes. And “Flying” from our beautiful girl Bianca, who loves to run, above all in the world. And when she does so, her movement is as light and as fast as if she were flying.

Our first Samoyed – Sabiine – came to us in 2016. She was not a breeding girl, but a rescue girl. She was is need of a home and we were most happy to provide her one. And with that, our love for the Samoyed began. Our Samoyeds are our family. We believe in respect and love for the social, friendly, independent, smart and sometimes strong-willed Samoyed.

A home without a Samoyed is just a house. Kennel Flying Snowflake is here to help you start your own fluffy love-story with your own Samoyed and to support you throughout that love-story.

Please contact kennel Flying Snowflake in case of any questions about the Samoyed breed, our dogs or puppies. We are most happy to make your acquaintance and welcome you in our home.

Kennel Flying Snowflake is a member of Estonian Samoyed Association and Estonian Kennel Union.